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Why and How To Use Double Sided Carpet Tapes

Double-sided carpet tapes feature a strong adhesive on both sides (hence the name) of the tape, allowing the users to semi-permanently increase the grip between the bare floor and the carpet/area rug and the carpet and another carpet or area rug.

When placed properly, double-sided carpet tapes prevent curled edges, slipping, and sliding, increasing the safety and keeping the carpets, area rugs, and mats in place.

Published: May 13, 2022.

double sided carpet tape 1

How To Install Double-Sided Carpet Tapes

When there is an issue with a carpet and/or area rug - it is easily curled, there is a danger of sliding and/or slipping, pets play with the carpet edges, etc. double-sided carpet tapes can be of great help.

Modern carpet/rug tapes feature very strong adhesives that stick to any floor/carpet/rug surface including concrete, wood, laminate, tiles, marble, and various carpets and area rugs that may be already placed on the floor.

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When trying to install the carpet tape, first remove/roll the old carpet/rug and clean the floor so that the dust doesn't prevent the adhesive from sticking to the floor.

Place (apply) the carpet tape on the floor, remove (peel off) the adhesive liner and place the carpet/rug in its position. And that is all.

Note that modern double-sided carpet tapes allow the carpet/rug to be placed on both bare floors and on other carpets/rugs.

How To Remove the Carpet/Rug Tape

When You decide that it is time to remove the carpet/rug tape, remove/roll the upper carpet/rug gently - most modern double-sided carpet tapes feature a residue-free adhesive that sticks very well, but it also doesn't leave (almost) any residue.

When removing the carpet tape from the bare floor, peel gently the tape off the floor - don't pull the tape quickly.

If some residue is left on the floor, most adhesives may be removed using a soap/water combination, or in the worse case, using some mild solvent - personally, if that happens, check the carpet tape's manufacturer's recommendations regarding residue removal.

Are Carpet/Rug Tapes Any Good?

Yes, they are.

Double-sided carpet/rug adhesive tapes can help users make their homes more decorative, but also more pleasant and safer to live in.

If You have, for example, carpet on a slippery wooden floor, adhesive tape can fix the carpet from rolling, sliding, curling, etc., increasing the safety and saving time and effort in returning the carpet/rug to its original position/orientation.

Also, pets can be prevented from playing with the corners and edges - most dogs after realizing that the corner or edge cannot be lifted, leave their "toy" permanently.

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 How to Choose Carpet/Rug Tape?

It is rather easy to pick the right carpet/rug tape - go for the models that allow the user to place carpet/rug on both the bare floors and carpets/rugs, that leave no adhesive residue when being peeled off and that support the use on the materials of your choice.

Also, it is recommended to go for the popular models that have already been tested by countless users in many real-life situations.

Note: It is very important to use the double-sided carpet/rug adhesive tapes as recommended by their manufacturer.

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