How to Clean a Mattress - Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

mattress vacuum cleaner mHaving a clean mattress is very important for having a good night sleep and for overall well-being. Many dangers lurk among the mattress fibers and feed on dead human cells and other dirt and debris. Not the best company to spend nights with ...

Published: April 27, 2019.

When cleaning a mattress, there are few things to consider:

- type of dirt - greatest danger are various bed bugs, since they can cause different health problems, most commonly are allergies and asthma issues. Also, don't forget dust particles, pollen, dead human skin cells, hair etc.

- possible health issues - some people are allergic to many things, while others have no such issues. If you are not allergic to dust mites, pollen, dust and other similar dirt, you can consider cleaning using more aggressive means, like various chemicals. Sensitive people should stay away from aggressive chemicals, since no matter how well ventilated area and mattress are, there are always certain residues left, which can cause even more health problems.

- keeping the mattress clean - it is rather simple to clean the mattress thoroughly, however, keeping it clean is continuing process. The most important things to do, in order to keep the mattress clean is: use high quality bed sheets and change them regularly, use mattress encasements (protectors), and keep your mattress dry. This will deny the bed bugs essential moisture and food and will prevent them from appearing again.

The easiest way of cleaning the mattress and keeping it clean is the use of specialized mattress vacuum cleaner.

How to Choose a Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Before buying specialized mattress vacuum cleaner, it is important to know how such vacuums actually clean the mattress. In order to clean and sanitize the mattresses, mattress vacuums combine several methods. Some of those methods include: strong suction, vibrations, warm/hot air, UV light etc.

Importance of Strong Suction

Dirt, dust, pollen, dust mites, human hair and dead cells and other debris, can be embedded deeply in the mattress, and if the vacuuming is done with a vacuum which creates insufficient suction, job will not be done properly.

To increase the suction and remove the dirt, mattress vacuums must be pressed gently at the mattress surface and pulled slowly. This action not only that increases suction deep in the mattress, it also helps other methods of cleaning to do their job: UV light is focused only on mattress, vibrating bar has enough time to 'shake off' the dirt, and hot air can kill rest of the dust mites.

And what is the purpose of all that, if the suction is weak, and air filtration is bad?

Vibrating Bars, Pads and Brushes

dyson v6 mattress vacuum cleaner 1To help remove deeply embedded dirt, some mattress vacuums come with vibrating bars, pads or brushes.

High frequency vibrations penetrate the surface of mattress and help loosen the dirt and bed bugs.

This vibrating action helps the air flow remove the dirt from the mattress, not only from its surface, but also from its interior. How deep these vibrations agitate the mattress, depends on type of mattress and strength of vibrations.

For people having really large issue with bed bags, the only way to get rid of them is to use chemicals or to change the mattresses.

Hot/Warm Air

To kill bed bugs while they are sill in the mattress, mattress vacuums can use hot air.

Such air dry the bugs and remove moisture from their tiny bodies and essentially kills them. One of the advantages of such vacuums is that they also dry any residual moisture in the mattress, preventing the bed bugs from reappearing again.

To prevent damage and injuries, temperature of such hot air is usually limited to ~130°F (~55°C). Air of that temperature will not cause burns even if the human skin is directly exposed to such warm/hot air.

Some people use hair dryers in combination with common vacuums to clean their mattresses - hot air from hair dryer can have higher temperature and can cause damage to the mattress if is made of sensitive materials. Also, using hair dryer and ordinary vacuum at the same time usually require two persons and their coordination must be - perfect :)

Since good mattress vacuums are relatively cheap and can last for a long time - if you need one, get it!

UV Light

UV light sanitize the mattress even further. In combination with hot air, it drys bed bugs and help kill them. Dead bed bugs are removed from the mattress with strong air flow and the mattress is - clean.

Note that UV light of certain wave lengths is dangerous not only to bed bugs, but also to humans. To prevent injuries due to UV light exposure, vacuums with UV lamps have contact sensors and if the vacuum is not pressed at the mattress surface, UV lamp will not turn on. Some people tamper with those contact sensors, to prevent them from turning off UV lamp - this should NOT be done, it is very dangerous in the long run ...

Use your mattress vacuum properly, or don't use it at all!

Note: direct sunlight, especially during hot summer days will also sanitize the mattresses. It can also make mattresses lose their color over time, but ...

mattress vacuum lower part 1

Importance of Good Air Filtration

Mattress vacuums do very important job, but if the air filtration is not good enough, all those little particles will return back into the cleaned room.

Even dead bed bugs can cause health issues, so if possible, choose HEPA mattress vacuum cleaners - such HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters remove at least 99.97% of particles 0.3 micrometer in size.

For example, the size of dirt particles often found in home and apartments is:

- sand 50.0-1000.0 micrometers,
- pet and human hair 30.0-200.0 micrometers,
- pollen 10.0-100.0 micrometers,
- bacteria 0.3-10.0 micrometers,
- dust mites 90.0-600.0 micrometers, etc.

Although dust mites size is between 90 and 600 micrometers, having HEPA grade filter is not an overkill!

Bed Bug Killers

bed bug killer 1When the going get tough, tough get ... chemicals! Seriously, if you have real issues with bed bugs, talk with the professionals about your issues and check how you can:

- get rid of the bed bugs,

- prevent them from reappearing again.

If you should decide to take action on your own, before buying a bed bug killer, you must know few things:

- bed bug killers come in the form of spray or similar bottles. They are mostly liquids, but can be found in the powdered form, too,

- such chemicals should kill bed bugs right away, in any stage of their life (adults, nymphs or eggs),

- bed bugs killers should not cause stains on the mattress,

- avoid using bed bug killers based on strong chemicals (insecticides, pesticides ...), but choose one based on the natural, organic and to humans non-toxic ingredients,

- before applying the bed bug killer, thoroughly read the instructions and forget improvisations ...

After treating the mattresses, vacuum them thoroughly!

Mattress Encasement

mattress protection 1To keep bed bugs away, personal hygiene and keeping the mattress dry are very important.

To protect the mattress, so-called mattress encasements can be used. Mattress encasements protect the mattress from water and other liquids spills, from dust mites and other bed bugs, from pollen and other allergens.

Mattress encasements must protect mattress from all six sides, must be breathable, quiet and safe for kids, adults and even pets. Preferably, they should be machine washable - this eases their maintenance significantly.

Long Story Short - keep your mattresses clean and improve your well-being. Mattress vacuums are relatively cheap and reliable devices and are highly recommended not only for people having issues with the bed bugs, but also for people wanting to prevent such infestation.

Worst Case Scenario - contact local professionals and they will help you get rid of your problems. This is not the cheapest solution, but ...