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Household Cleaning: Scouring Pads and Sticks

Scouring Pads and Sticks are important cleaning accessories for keep any household clean and pleasant to live in.

Scouring pads and sticks come in various sizes and shapes, but generally, they are intended for quick cleaning of most surfaces commonly found at homes and apartments.

Published: March 1, 2022.

scouring pads and sticks 2

Scouring pads and sticks are made from different materials depending on their intended use: general cleaning of tough messes and stains, bathroom cleaning, for kitchen surfaces, car interior, clothes etc.

Most leading brands manufacture different kinds of scouring pads and sticks, some without any chemicals, but some with harsh and not-so-healthy chemicals.

With or without chemicals, it is essential to read the labels/instructions and use scouring pads as recommended by their manufacturer - some of them may be too abrasive to be used on sensitive surfaces, some may contain bleach or even stronger chemicals and require protective gloves/masks, etc.

scouring pads and sticks 1

Scouring pads and sticks come in various sizes and shapes and most of them can be sliced/cut, if required, to desired length and width.

Most non-chemical pads and sticks are packaged dry and in order to clean, all what user has to do is to add some water - as the pad wipes the surface, the dirt is collected and removed from the cleaned surface.

It is possible to remove some (or almost all) of the dirt from the pads and sticks using water and perhaps some detergent (check the instructions), but these items are mostly disposable or semi-disposable cleaning aids.

Considering their very affordable price, most users rinse them after cleaning light dirt, but throw them away after cleaning tough and stubborn messes.

scouring pads and sticks 3

General purpose, non-chemical scouring pads and sticks may be used on almost any surface imaginable like tile, wood, marble, plastic, leather, steel, chrome, glass and mirrors, china and porcelain, vinyl, laminate etc.

Specialized scouring pads and sticks, especially those with chemicals, should be used as recommended by their manufacturers for cleaning types of dirt from the surfaces they are intended for. Although nobody likes chemicals, such cleaning aids can remove even the most stubborn dirt and sticky messes much faster than pads and sticks without chemicals.

Long Story Short: Scouring pads and sticks are cheap and reliable means for cleaning surfaces found at homes, apartments, cars, boats, workshops etc.

General purpose pads can be very helpful for everyday cleaning, but sometimes specialized ones can do the job much better - choose according to your own personal needs and preferences.